Epic Rap Battles of History

Doc Brown V.S. Doctor Who – Epic Rap Battles [Video]
Back to the Future's Doc Brown goes up against Britain's superstar Doctor Who in this Epic Rap Battle Of History!
I can't help but play favorites on this one. Especially when it comes to my man Doc Brown. I loved the Back to the Future movies as a kid and Doc Brown already has my vote!
Cleopatra Vs Marilyn Monroe – Epic Rap Battles [Video]
Another episode of ERB dropped and this time it's the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra vs the Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe.
I don't know much about either of these chicks. I know Marilyn was Hollywood's biggest H* at one point, kinda like Kim Kardashian but without being in movies. And miss Cleo was a even …
Michael Jackson Vs Elvis Presley – Epic Rap Battles
Michael Jackson battles Elvis Presley in this episode of ERB (Epic Rap Battles). It's the battle of kings! Michael Vs. Elvis you couldn't ask for a better match up.
Personally I think it could go either way if it was just a back and forth debate on who was greater. Both Michael and Elvis changed the …
Mr. T Vs Mr. Rogers – Epic Rap Battles Of History #13 [Video]
Mr. T and Mr. Rogers throw down in the 13th episode of Epic Rap Battles of History! Straight from your neighbor Mr. Roger defends his town against Heavyweight Mr. T!
We all loved Mr.Rogers (R.I.P) and we all knew that secretly Mr.Rogers was a Gangster. I saw him drown a dude in a small puddle once. S…
Dr Seuss Vs Shakespeare – Epic Rap Battles Of History #12 [Video]
From our childhood books come Dr Seuss to step up and battle the Legendary Shakespeare in this 12th episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History!
I give it to the kid who plays Shakespeare in this video who also is that Pale Kid Who Raps fast George Watsky, remember him? Well just click the link you'll rem…
Billy Mays Vs Ben Franklin – Epic Rap Battles Of History #10 [Video]
Billy Mays the king of the sale pitch trades blows with one of the greatest Presidents Benjamin Franklin of all time in another exclusive episode of Epic Rap Battles of History.
In this episode Ben Franklin hits the mic first and delivers some harsh blows, Billy Mays recovers and grabs the mic and de…

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