This Russian Kid is Stronger Than You [Video]
A Russian kid demonstrates his superhuman level of strength in this video by balancing on a beam and doing head stand push ups.
I don't know if this is kid abuse or not. But this kid is on another level of strength! If I tried doing this I would break my wrist and pass out from fatigue.
CT Fletcher The Realest Trainer You’ll Ever See! [Video]
CT Fletcher without a doubt is probably the strongest man you've never heard of. If you need a little more motivation at the gym, this is the guy you wanna talk too.
I love this guy's style! It's a no bullshit approach to hitting weights. Take a second and see what this guy had to go t…
Kids That Are In Shape Make Better Grades
Remember how much gym class sucked in Middle School?  All of the pushups, sit-ups and running in the middle of the day seemed like they had no purpose.  Now it looks like our gym teachers actually knew what they were talking about!