Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Mass Injuries Reported
An explosion in West, TX, just outside of Waco, spread fires across multiple buildings and injured an unknown number of people earlier tonight.
The explosion occurred at the West Fertilizer Plant shortly before 8 PM CT.
A large number of people have been reported injured, though the number of those ki…
The Fort Steuben Bridge Gets Blown To Pieces [Video]
If you've never driven across the Fort Steuben Bridge, you have definitely missed your chance.
Unless you plan on driving over the thousands of pieces that it's in now after the awesome demolition.
Check out the video that I guarantee you will watch at least twice.
A Flipbook History Of Pretty Much Everything [Video]
We all wasted our time in history class!  We could have just watched this 3 minute flip book and learned everything.  Seriously though, this is amazing!  The time and paper that went into this video must have been incredible.  Check it out and stop going to class.