Pink Falls Off Stage In Germany [Video]
Pink falls off stage while performing at a concert in Germany. Now this isn't a small slip up, no she literally fell completely off stage. Not only that she was wearing a weird metal harness that seemed to inflict some serious pain. She's doing fine she wasn't seriously hurt. even though she got bac…
700. Nitro Express Too Strong To Hold [Video]
700. Nitro Express is one of the most powerful rifles in the world! If I saw how this rifle was throwing people around I would think twice about touching that thing. Just look at it! How can you hit anything with that thing!! I would probably break a rib shooting that thing. I'll just stick wit…
Lady Gaga Falls Off Piano [Video]
Ra Ra, Fa, Fa, Faaalll" Gaga takes a dive on stage. I'm not going to make too much fun of her because she does sooo many shows that it was bound to happen. In fact it's happen to the best of them. I like that she showed spirit and got back up!
Man Falls Over In Wheelchair [Video]
It's not funny to laugh at people who fall out of wheel chairs. In this case this guy seriously thinks his life was about to come to an end lol! I think this may have been shot in Europe. Streets in America are not that hard to cross lol.