Psycho Britney Spears Fan [Video]
There's a fine line between being a fan of Britney Spears and being a complete Psychopath, this guy ( yea it's a man) decided to take the latter on this one.
I haven't seen anything this disturbing since Buffalo Bill made the "tuck" the most famous move a weirdo could do!
I'm sure I'll have …
Fan Escapes Police At Baseball Game [Video]
Every time a fan gets on the field of play at any sporting event it ends badly.  Don't believe me?  Check this out to squash any doubts.
That's what makes what this man did at an Astros game a couple of weeks ago so amazing.  Watch as he avoids capture, and then disappears.
World Cup Fail (Guy gets ran over by bus) [Video]
World Cup Fail video when an over excited soccer fan on a tour bus FALLS OFF and gets ran over! This isn't funny, but if you play the video back and listen to the announcer while the poor guy is getting ran over, You'll see that it matches up perfectly! Like really really perfect lol. I Could watch …
Fan Beat By Cops At MLB Game [VIDEO]
After watching this video I'm not sure how people in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization can justify what happened. The video shows the man being escorted out, he high fives a fan and pushes a Ballpark employee out of the way and they are saying that gives the cops the right to tase and beat th…
Cricket Fan – More Like Swim Fan [VIDEO]
There's a man that comes and watches you while you sleep when your naughty. Don't believe me?  Here's PROOF that he exist!
I get the weird feeling that this guy is staring directly into my soul. He's know all the bad you've done in your life...
Usher Gets Kicked In The Face By A Fan
Usher's concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City got a little more physical than he expected. After he brought a female fan onstage for a serenade of his song "Trading Places", she kicked him in the face with her stiletto!