The Farting Game Goes to the Hood [Video]
Maybe it's just me but a god fart joke will never get old, no matter if you are a child or an old man, farting will always be in style.
The same can also be said about good social etiquette,  but check what happens when social etiquette is thrown out the window and the sh*t hits the fan...i…
Fart Science [Video]
There is no greater science known to man than Fart science. The mysterious and sometimes mystical odor that we release on a daily bases.
Now it's time for you to understand what a fart is all about. I hope your prepared. Your mind is about to be blown!
Anchor Loses It Doing “Fart” Story [Video]
I can remember being 9 years old and thinking farts were funny, this news reporter from Fox 8 News evidently still can't talk about passing gas without laughing. The story is about some guy getting arrested for farting (for lack of a better term) in front of an officer after getting a DUI! Watch the…