Flint’s Best Hair [PHOTOS]
In the spirit of Fashion Week that just passed in Paris, I am highlighting some of the hottest hairstyles for men (and mostly children) in Flint.
I've noticed over the last couple of years the steady growing trend of mo-hawks or fro-hawks.
Quite honestly I thought it was kind of lame until my boy Dero…
This Summer’s Fashion For Men: Jean Underwear
Wait until you see the newest craze across the nation is Jean Pant Underwear. I'll be sporting these all summer in Flint to show off my beautiful legs...and they are only $61. You can't put a price on being able to show off your junk and legs all summer long!! Are you going to buy a pair f…
Grammy Clothes Are Weird
An egg and spikes on your shoulders had better not become a fashion trend.  Here are some of the looks from last nights Grammy Awards.
New Fashion For 2011??
Massimo Dogana has designed "F-U" shoes, which give the finger and say how the wearer really feels.
And if you can afford the $1,095 price tag, you can afford to flip off, anyone.