Flint School Board

55 Flint Teacher Layoffs Delayed
The Flint School Board agreed to lay off 55 teachers in an effort to cut $8 Million out of the deficit, but delayed the decision after some major concerns were raised.
School Leaders Talk Realignment Plan with Community [Video]
In the first of three community forums, Flint School leaders discussed plans for realignment as part of their plan to battle a nearly $22 million deficit. According to ABC 12, the proposed realignment will save the district $1 million per year, or $7 million over the course of the district's la…
31 Teachers Let Go
The Flint School Board voted to layoff 31 more teachers, and five administrators, in an effort to cut down the $21 Million deficit.
Flint Schools Cut 250 Jobs
Unfortunately Flint Schools cutting jobs and closing schools has been a very familiar headline lately, and tonight they will decide if more cuts and closings will take place.
Northern Closing Announced
The decision made Wednesday night by the Flint School Board is a tough one to accept, but Flint Northern High School will be closed at the end of this school year.
Flint Schools Will Lay Off 227 Teachers And Counselors
The news goes from bad to worse for Flint School employees and students, after the announcement that four schools will close, comes the word of major lay offs.
The Flint Board of Education voted 8-1 Tuesday to lay off 227 teachers and counselors.  The schools lay off teachers every year, but not…
Flint School Board Votes 7-1 To Cut 227 Staff Positions [Poll]
Last night the Flint School Board voted 7-1 to cut 227 staff positions, with the majority being teachers. The school board said laying off teachers in the spring is an annual event, and many teachers are called back once the student count for the fall is known.
The Flint teacher's union is currentl…