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Nick Pack: Crazy Ice Cold Bowling Trick Shots [Video]
My man Nick Pack is back with another crazy trick shot video. This isn’t the first video crazy trick shot bowling guy has made (I just gave him that name) here is his first video. If you missed his last one 'Crazy Summer Bowling' trick shots, check it out.
Check out the vid…
Valentine’s Day Writer’s Room – Funny Or Die [Video]
So Valentine's Day is tomorrow and adults aren't the only one's who enjoy getting cards. Remeber when you were in school and had a bag taped to your desk so classmates could drop Valentine's in?
Did you ever wonder who came up with them...well wonder no more. An unprecedented behi…
Funny Or Die: Jesus Picks the Superbowl [Video]
With only a few more days left until the Super Bowl rematch between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, Jesus' pick is in. Now that Tim Tebow is out of the running, Jesus has to decide who he'd like to win more.
Who ya got, Eli or Brady? Check out the Funny or Die video below.
Funny Or Die: Kobe Bryant Divorce Meltdown [Video]
LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant sits down for his first interview since his wife Vanessa filed for divorce. Funny or Die makes another great spoof, this time it's a press conference for one of the NBA's best players going through a recent divorce.
Check out the full interview below.
Pokemon Freak Out – Funny Or Die [Video]
If you're thinking about having children, you probably won't after watching this video. Have you ever been in a store, or had your own child go crazy because you wouldn't buy them something? Finally someone else caught this on camera and posted it on Funny or Die. This kid is gonna fe…
iPhone 4 – Personalized Siri [Video]
So not even a few weeks into the new iPhone 4s and they are already coming up with a personalized Siri? This is what Steve Jobs would have wanted. Funny or Die came up with the best idea yet, have a personal assistant 'Siri' who fits your life style.
Check out the prototypes below.
Funny Or Die – The Morning After [Video]
I feel like we've all had that awkward conversation 'The Morning After' a one nighter, but this takes the cake! Funny or Die put together what would have to be the worst situation ever. Check out the video below and call Ian with your worst 'Morning After' moments 810-251-59…
Funny Or Die – NBA Lock In [Video]
The NBA lockout forces Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love & Shawn Marion into a locked in sleepover. Funny or Die got the 3 NBA Stars together for an old fashion middle school lock-in. Guess you gotta make money some how with your season in jeopardy! Check out the FOD video below.
Funny Or Die – Never Before Seen Phone Commercial [Video]
The new iPhone 5 is coming out very soon and Funny or Die had some fun at the expense of Apple. Not sure if you've ever seen the AT&T commercial where the wife calls her husband at work and asks him if he remembered to do a whole list of stuff, and he does it while talking to her. The o…
Blake Griffin Has A New Job – The Intern [Video]
NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin is staying busy this summer with the league in a lock out. Griffin has signed on with the website Funny or Die as an intern. Below are some of the videos Blake has been featured in since becoming an intern for FOD. The best one is called "Lil Blake" kin…

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