Genesee Towers

Genesee Towers Cover Up
Thousands of people came to downtown Flint to witness the implosion of the Genesee Towers, and that's what makes this video even more shocking!
Gen Towers Implosion Every Angle
The Flint skyline changed forever on Sunday December 22nd as the Genesee Towers were demolished.  The implosion brought out Flint residence in groves to see the towers come down, and it definitely lived up to the hype.
Stream Towers Demolition Here
On Sunday, December 22 at approximately 10a, Flint, Michigan will say goodbye to its tallest building. Watch the live video feed of the Genesee Towers Implosion right here.
Gen Towers Falling Down
On Sunday December 22nd, the downtown Flint skyline will be permanently changed.  The Genesee Towers are scheduled to be imploded at 10am, and preparations have already started.
Flint Preps For Demolition
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI
The roads around the Genesee Towers closed without warning yesterday, but the city did confirm that it is a preparatory move for the demolition of the Towers.
Towers Coming Down?
The landscape of downtown Flint could be in for some major changes as plans to demolish the Genesee Towers are moving very quickly.