Man Sees Color For The First Time In 24 Years [Video]
Every morning we wake up, and most of us can see, hear, taste, and feel everything just fine. We rely on our senses for everything, but imagine if you spent from birth till now seeing only black and white? That's exactly what this man went through until his girlfriend bought him a pair of glass…
Couple Gets The Worst Of A Homerun Ball [Video]
Going to a baseball game can be a great date night, and who knows, if you're lucky you might catch a ball too!
If you're unlucky, like the couple in the video, you might get destroyed by a home run ball that comes your way.
Hugh Hefner Lost His V-Card 58 Years Ago
We talked about this on Night Club 937 tonight and it makes my stomach kinda weak just thinking about Mr. Playboy himself getting it on, but Hugh Hefner said he lost his V-Card (Not Valentine's Day) when he was 22! At what age is it really appropriate to do such a thing??
New App Replaces Your Girlfriend [Video]
Can you say creepy?  I've never considered myself to be Romeo or anything but, I don't think I would ever resort to this.  However, it's good to know that if I did it would only cost a dollar.  Check out a preview video below along with the description.