When Girls Arm Wrestle Arms Break [Video]
Two young ladies meet eye in the manliest form of competition and end up breaking something.
Here's a hint. it's not the table and messed up part in that the girl already has one broken arm.
Michigan Man Punched His Fiance For Kissing Another Woman
A 40-year-old Michigan man had been celebrating his fiance's birthday with another couple. They were highly intoxicated when the two women kissed, the man started punching his fiance, so the other woman stepped in and punched him. The other woman grabbed a frying pan and hit the suspect in th…
What Girls Think About During Sex [Video]
Guys always wondered what girls are thinking about during sex and thanks to Jenna Marbles now we know!
You girls are silly weird creatures. I personally feel that if a chick has this much time to think about things during sex, then your doing it wrong. I'm saying your sex game is lame (yes I am) but …
2 Girls and A Moped [Video]
What happens when you mix 2 girls, a Moped and a roundabout? A highly dangerous and fun time at the park! Just remind me to never hang out with these kids. Now it's putting girls on roundabouts and spinning them to death. Next thing you know there gonna want to Skate down a slide.
Best Kiss Cam Ever!
Leave it to a Canadian to finally pull off the best "Kiss Cam" in the history of Kiss Cam'ing. Of course it's at a hockey game so people are already bored...who can blame they guy for trying to spice things up a bit? Well done sir, well done.
Sororities Brawl At Michigan [Video]
I have no clue who The Alpha Phi and Tri-Delt sororities at Michigan are, but anytime a bunch of chicks fight and it's on video...I'm entertained!!! They were playing a game of broomball (which sounds/looks boring) at Winterfest and then all hells breaks loose...check out the girls go at i…
That Had To Hurt!
Why people do this I don't know... Oh well I guess people are broke so $2000 sounds like a lot of money... Would you do this???