Graduation Inspiration
Balaal Hollings had a great Senior year going at Northwestern High in Detroit before he was shot in the head trying to break up a fight.  He showed his classmates the true meaning of courage at their graduation ceremony.
Parents Fight At A Preschool Graduation [Video]
Preschool graduation should be a fairly simple event, but the video below shows mothers throwing punches and cussing during the graduation ceremony.
Why were the women fighting?  It was over a cap and gown that had to be shared between kids.
Girl Falls Flat on Her Face at Graduation [Video]
This chick was excited that she graduated. So excited that she decided to show the world her graduation dance. Well that didn't work out so well. She takes a hilarious dive to the ground. It was loud! Well that was something to wake the crowd up with! Graduation are normally boring... not this …