Guinness Book of World Records

The Fastest, Tightest Parallel Parking Ever [Video]
The world record for parallel parking has changed hands five times in the last two years!  It is one of the hotly contested records that Guiness has on the books.
You are about to see the title change hands again, even if nobody's hand could actually fit between the two cars that parked.
The ‘Cheetah Robot’ Is Faster Than You [Video]
The 'Darpa Cheetah Robot' set a new speed record for legged robots by galloping at speeds of 18mph.
The old world record was 13mph set in 1989, but through a series of new developments you can expect the speed record to be broken again fairly soon.
So what does this mean for you and I?
Man Stuffs 18 Quarters In His Nose [Video]
I hope you get a big trophy when you set a Guinness World Record, because there isn't any other good reason to stuff 18 Quarters in your nose.
Every time someone sets a dumb record I find myself asking the same question:
"When did they realize that they could do this?"
Watch in a…

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