Guinness World Record

The Fastest, Tightest Parallel Parking Ever [Video]
The world record for parallel parking has changed hands five times in the last two years!  It is one of the hotly contested records that Guiness has on the books.
You are about to see the title change hands again, even if nobody's hand could actually fit between the two cars that parked.
Bikini Parade In Florida: Guinness World Record [Video]
History was made yesterday: Panama City Beach broke the Guinness world record for the largest bikini parade. The bikini-wearers had to complete the entire mile route to be counted, and all were checked off as they finished.
A rep from Guinness was on-site and announced to the crowd that they had just…
Man Sets Record For Crushing Nuts With His Butt [Video]
I wish real life could be more like Japanese TV shows.  If I were to tell people that I could crush nuts with my butt, I would most likely get punched in the face.
In Japan you get put on TV, and probably some kind of an award!
Watch this guy set the world record for most nuts crushed by his butt…
Chiddy Breaks Guinness World Freestyle Record [VIDEO]
My man Chiddy from Chiddy Bang who was here for our 810 Local Show last year broke the Guinnes World Fresstyle Record by rapping for over 9 hours STRAIGHT!!! I can't even put 3 bars together let alone rap for 9 hours...check out the record breaking performance in Las Vegas!