Biggest Complaint At Hotels Is About WiFi Service, Not Cost
Hotels offer many free perks to customers, but none are more important than free WiFi according to new customer service survey. Some hotels have been forced to cut corners to save money, and their customers have noticed. According to a new survey, satisfaction with hotel services is now at a six-ye…
Man With No Arms Destroys Hotel Lobby [Video]
An angry man with no arms walks into a hotel lobby, it sounds like the start of a bad joke doesn't it?  That's exactly what happened at a hotel in Miami, and when the man did not get the answers he was looking for he decides to re-arrange some furniture.  Watch and be amazed!
People Scared To Death In Hotel Hallway [Video]
You're not scared of a little girl are you?  How 'bout a little girl dressed in a white dress, with black stringy hair?  Just standing there . . . looking at the ground, with her dangling baby doll . . . looking at the ground . . . waiting, for  . . . something, DON'T L…