Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Talks About WWE & Donald Trump [Video]
Hulk Hogan was  a national icon who has done a lot for the entertainment business. He was/is literally the face of wrestling and it seemed like he could do no wrong.The only thing he could do wrong was go on a racial outburst. But that would never happen, right?
Hulk Hogan Is Teaming up with Riff Raff [Video]
Hulk Hogan has been pretty much on top of the wrestling world since about 1983 when 'Hulkmania' started. Since then Hogan has had a series of ups and downs including reinventing has a bad guy and calling himself 'Hollywood Hogan' in 1996.
Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE
You may have never watched wrestling or just plain don't don't like it but you have for sure heard of the billion dollar company WWE.
Arguably the sole reason WWE is a billion dollar industry is because the owner Vince Mcmahon chose to build his company around one individual.
Hulk's Big Win
The (as evidenced by the mystery sex tape) hulking hulkster Hulk Hogan has one lawsuit down and two more to go after reaching a settlement against his long-time friend and first-time sex scandal enemy Bubba the -- do we have to say it? -- Love Sponge.
Don’t worry, though, there&Close…
Hulk Hogan's lawyers have spoken. And they're gearing up for a major fight.
The wrestler announced Monday he's filed not one but two lawsuits over that leaked sex tape -- for a combined total of $100 million bucks.
Last week, a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan made its way onto the internet and caused irreparable harm to millions because DUDE MY EYES MY EYES.
Now the Hulkster's lawyer says plans are in the works to sue everyone ever, and that the wrestler himself feels leaking the secretly-recorded tryst was …
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape! (NSFW) [Video]
Hulk Hogan every bodies childhood hero has leaked a sex tape. Eww! The last person I expected to drop a sex tape was Hulk Hogan!
Well it's not that outrageous, Hulk Hogan isn't the first professional wrestler to drop a sex tape. Chyna mostly remember from the DX era of WWE has a full fledge…

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