This Summer’s Fashion For Men: Jean Underwear
Wait until you see the newest craze across the nation is Jean Pant Underwear. I'll be sporting these all summer in Flint to show off my beautiful legs...and they are only $61. You can't put a price on being able to show off your junk and legs all summer long!! Are you going to buy a pair f…
Ian And Jeff Try Embarrassing A Listener [VIDEO]
Jeff and I were out live in Flint last week and had a Club listener ask how he could get a T-Shirt. So Jeff being quick on feet like always told the kid he would have to do something "Special" to get his shirt...See what we made this poor kid do!
Ian’s Famous Friends
I was going through all my pictures last night and realized I've met a lot of cool famous people. Plus I just wanted to make you jealous ...
Let’s See If Ian Makes Conan Tonight? [VIDEO]
I'm a HUGE fan of Conan and I record ever episode because I'm working until midnight. Just a few days ago Conan put out a challenge to all his viewers and said if you find any error's on his show, to make a video post and he's put them on the show. So last night I caught one and …
Ian Raps With B.O.B
NightClub 937 with Ian had the chance early this summer to see B.O.B live in Royal Oak and even "Rap" with him for a minute...check it out