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'Anchorman 2' Gets Its Own Ice Cream
Though ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues‘ isn't due in theaters until the end of the year, in anticipation of the sequel to one of the most quotable films ever made, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream have created a flavor in tribute to Will Ferrell's character Ron Burgundy. …
Ice Cream Makes Kids Forget About Stranger Danger [Video]
A Dateline special shows how kids forget about the Stranger Danger rule when Ice Cream is put in their face.
Now I should be mad about this, but the look and response from the boy when his sister finds out that they made a big mistake is hilarious! Just remember kids. Stranger Danger is bad...
The Creepiest Ice Cream Advertisement Ever [Video]
Little babies ice cream takes the creepiest turn in advertisement ever with this Clock Work Orange type commercial.
I don't get it, I can't understand it, I just know I kinda wish I never watched it. I'm gonna have nightmares for a week.
Good Humor Trucks Might Run Out Of Ice Cream This Summer
The Summertime tradition of grabbing some ice cream from the good humor man might be in jeopardy this summer.
The ice cream man could run out of Good Humor bars.  The company is suffering from a supply shortage and doesn't have enough ice cream to fill all the trucks.
And Daddy Of The Year Goes To! [PHOTO]
I don't have kids, but I am sure that I would know when one of them did something to me, especially this. Keep reading to see what had happened to the Father of the Year!
BTW, that is not the picture to the left!