Tech-Savvy Bear Steals iPad
Campers at Jenks Lake in California's San Bernardino National Forest got an unexpected visitor over the weekend when a bear sauntered into camp and stole a backpack containing an iPad. Not that we blame him, of course. Those things are expensive!
There Is An Apple Product In Half Of American Homes
It's pretty common knowledge that every home has things like a toaster, microwave, toilet and an iPad?
Yes, an iPad!  Or at least some product made by Apple.  A new CNBC study showed that half of all US homes have at least one Apple product, with most having more.
Tech Assassin: New iPad vs Assault Rifle [Video]
A gun-toting Apple fan wanted to test the durability of the new iPad… so he shot it with a bunch of high powered rifles. Obviously, the iPad didn't make it.
Then he brought out the big guns. He fired a round from a high powered M4 which blasted a big hole through the middle of the iPad&…
Slap Brother With An iPad, Theres An App For That [Video]
I know a thing or two about sibling rivalry since I am the youngest of three boys.  I've started my share of fights for no good reason, and suffered the impending beatdown because of it.
With all that being understood I would like to say that I have no idea how this happened.  It is a …
iPad – Will It Blend? [Video]
Apple lovers stay far away from this video if you don't want to see your precious apple product go into a blender! Yea you've read this correctly. Want to see a complete waste of money? Then see a guy put that Waste of money into a blender? (BUUURN On APPLE!!)
What Social Media Tells Us About Our Manhood [UPDATED]
Social media is not just for teens and tweens, it seems to be the way most men feel comfortable about communicating with others as well.  Yes the majority of the population has a Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even a blog, but is this the way a man feels most comfortable communicating with others…
Diddy Sails On An $850,000-A-Week Superyacht, Controlled by An iPad
So this is why I hate Diddy...The Apple iPad now has the world's most exclusive app. Software from a luxury yacht firm gives passengers control of everything but the captain's steering wheel, all with a touch of their iPad.
"Solemates", the first yacht to carry the technology. It's curren…