Man Sets Record For Crushing Nuts With His Butt [Video]
I wish real life could be more like Japanese TV shows.  If I were to tell people that I could crush nuts with my butt, I would most likely get punched in the face.
In Japan you get put on TV, and probably some kind of an award!
Watch this guy set the world record for most nuts crushed by his butt…
‘Slippery Stairs’ Is A Japanese Game Show [Video]
Only Japanese TV producers would find the true entertainment value in trying to walk up slippery stairs.
Japanese game shows have inspired shows like 'Wipeout' and everything that Nickelodeon did in the mid 90's.
I wonder what kind of release you have to sign before going on one of thes…
Transformer Owl Takes Many Shapes! [Video]
Damn going to go see the next Transformers movie, go and buy a Japanese Transformer Owl and watch him all day. I promise you  it will be better than watching Transformers 2.  Not only that you won't have to be angry about any racist robots awkwardly hanging around.
Daichi Probably The Best Beatboxer You Don’t Know [Video]
Daichi is submitting his video to enter the Beatbox battle wildcard. What is it you say? Well from the very very very accurate information that I have gathered, It's seems to be an underground Beatbox competition to the death. Two competitors enter only one leaves, and Daichi has never lost. I hear …