JaVale McGee

Lakers Score Free Agent
The Los Angeles Lakers have already punched their ticket to the NBA Finals by picking up a key player in free agency.
Flint's Mama + Son Reality Show
I am not sure how you feel about JaVale McGee but you have to admit the homie is doing it big.  The seven foot center for the Denver Nuggets has been the butt of people jokes but now it may seem as if he's laughing back.  Reports are saying the mother and son combo have landed a reali…
Flint Town Dunk Show
Flint's Javale McGee puts on a dunking clinic against the Phoenix Suns.  A lot of residents in Flint seem to forget that Javale is a rising star in the NBA.  I know many people may think differently but after you see the dunks he performed on the Suns, you may change your mind.
Flint’s Own JaVale McGee ‘Not Top 8 NBA Plays’ [Video]
Everyone knows how much I love my city of Flint and the people who succeed from here. JaVale Mcgee is one of them, but it's hard to watch what he's doing in the NBA this year. A fan put together the 'Not Top 8' of JaVale from just this year and it's pretty bad.
Check out the …