Jon Jones

UFC 159: Jones Vs Sonnen [Video]
The most anticipated fight of the year so far is the current light Heavy weight Champ Jon Jones taking on the biggest trash talker in UFC history Chael Sonnen!
The story behind this fight is a long one and the questionable actions from the champ Jon Jones has led to this weird match up. If you didn't…
UFC 152 Jones Vs Belfort [Video]
Jon Jones will be defending his Light Heavyweight title this Saturday against Vitor Belfort at UFC 152. This event is wrapped up in all types of controversy especially towards the young champ. Will Jon Jones ever regain the respect of UFC fans after his decision caused the UFC to cancel a main event…
UFC 151 Canceled!
Never in 11 years has a UFC event been cancelled but due to some huge issues the event has fallen apart.
The first major thing that stopped event was that Dan Henderson got injuried. Dan tore his MCL in his leg and due to that injury he couldn't get cleared for the fight. And second and the most huge…
UFC 145 Primetime Ep 2 Jones Vs. Evans [Video]
UFC 145 Jones Vs. Evans happens this Saturday and I can't tell how much I'm anticipating this fight!  The bad blood between two former training partners has the momentum for this fight rolling and is potentially becoming the most highly talked about fight this year!
Will the seemingly invincible Jon …
UFC 145 Jones Vs. Evans [Video]
The tension between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans is growing more and more everyday. Friends turned enemies. Rashad feels like ever since Jones has gotten the title he's changed. But Jones feels like since he's had the title Rashad has been bitter. Whatever the case this is going to be an abs…
Countdown to UFC 140: Jones Vs. Machida [Video]
UFC growing star Jon 'Bones' Jones defend his title for the second time against Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida.
This is gonna be one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Will Machida regain his title? Or will Jones become the next dominate force in UFC?