Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie ‘Tennis Ball’ [Video]
Have you ever watched something, laughed at it, then immediately regretted it? Well that just happened to me while I was watching this video.I'm going straight to hell.
It takes a different type of mindset to come up with the silly crap Jon Lajoie produces.
This is a prime example.
Jon Lajoie – ‘F**K Everything’ [Video]
F**k everything from Jon Lajoie proves that's he's the undisputed king of not giving a F**k about anything. This video in my opinion is how we as a people should view the world. I won't spoil anything but i just wanna say I don't give a Chainsaw about this video...
WTF Collective A Line Up Of The Hottest MC’s EVER [Video]
Jon Lajoie drop WTF Collective a line up of the hottest MC's ever to bless the mic. Yea boy it's about time some real MC's stepped on the scene! I'm tired of listening to these weak artist like Lil Wayne,Drake, Rick Ross and all those weak rappers in mainstream music right now. Take a step back prep…