Man Covers Usher’s ‘DJ Got Us’ [Video]
YouTube user HelenRuth31 is on his way to becoming an Internet star.
His latest work of art is an amazing cover of Usher's hit 'DJ Got Us'.  Sure he may not look the part, but trust me, he will become your new favorite Internet celebrity.
Michael Jackson Meltdown [VIDEO]
I have no idea where this is from and to be 100% honest I don't really care!! This kid murders MJ's "Black or White" and I don't feel bad for him one bit, in fact I would like to meet this guy and give him a hug!! If anyone can make this happen I sure would appreciat…
Grandpa Likes Big Butts And He Cannot Lie [Video]
When a drunk guy sings Sir Mix A Lot at a Karaoke bar its the most annoying thing in the entire world.  So why is it that when old man river sings it from his recliner, it might be the best thing ever?!  In the end, who cares?  Just sit back and enjoy, then get off my lawn!