M-Bone Of Cali Swag District Killed
M-Bone, one of the members of Cali Swag District, was killed in a rumored robbery gone wrong last night.  He was in his hometown of of Inglewood California last night when the shooting happened.  The reaction to M-Bones death has been overwhelming as you can see here.
Osama Bin Laden Details On The Raid That Killed Him
Osama bin laden details on the raid that killed the most hated man in U.S history. These details are a little sketchy, and I didn't know that Osama's son was killed in the Navy Seal raid. This makes me feel bad. I don't think celebrating the death of another person is  ever good,…
Flint records two more shooting deaths
Crime is on the rise! Things are starting to get out of hand. So fa Flint,MI death toll as of 04/11/11 is at 21! Last year at this time we were at 5! We need to pull together and try and reach this generation before it's to late..