Michigan Man Punched His Fiance For Kissing Another Woman
A 40-year-old Michigan man had been celebrating his fiance's birthday with another couple. They were highly intoxicated when the two women kissed, the man started punching his fiance, so the other woman stepped in and punched him. The other woman grabbed a frying pan and hit the suspect in th…
Kissing Men Get Tossed From A Rick Santorum Speech [Video]
Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum was about to give a speech at the Christian Liberty Academy in Illinois, when free speech happened.
Two men started to kiss in crowd, and were quickly escorted out to chants of "USA, USA" from the crowd.
If you look really closely at the picture y…
Best Kiss Cam Ever!
Leave it to a Canadian to finally pull off the best "Kiss Cam" in the history of Kiss Cam'ing. Of course it's at a hockey game so people are already bored...who can blame they guy for trying to spice things up a bit? Well done sir, well done.
7 Dates That Will Create Instant Chemistry!
You you have trouble finding a date or just plan suck at figuring out what to do on that first date..I assume some nerds came up with this list on 7 great date ideas. To be totally honest I've never been on one of these seven dates, but you try your luck and let me know!