Kitten Stands up to Dog [Video]
A Brave kitten holds his ground to a huge full grown dog. In this clip I think the dog is more scared then the kitten is.
Can you really blame the dog? Your like 10 times bigger than this little kitten and this kitten is still trying to kick your ass! Cats are so bad ass.
Oskar The Blind Kitten Gets His First Toys [Video]
Oskar is a kitten born with a genetic defect which resulted in his eyes from not forming, but that's not gonna stop him from having a good time!
This video is so adorably cute I may just shoot myself! The owners put some bells inside a ball so Oskar can keep track of where the ball is. This vide…
Cat Fights Over Cigarrette [Video]
This is what addiction does to you...  It always starts off innocent with one little puff, then you're at a pack a day. Well watch this little kitten fight over a "Square" like it's life depended on it!