Boxer Gets Too Cocky and Ends Up Knocked Out [Video]
Boxer Daquan Arnett knocks out Miguel Zuniga for getting a little too cocky in the middle of the ring.
Showboating is and still will be a big part of combative sports. It's a way of luring your opponent into doing something stupid. But a word of advice, never showboat while getting punched in th…
Top 8 Head Kick Knockouts In UFC History [Video]
Counting down the top 8 most brutal head kicks in UFC history seems like the perfect way to kick off the week!
Even if your not a fan of mixed marital arts you can still appreciate a good knockout. Especially a head kick!
Guy Knocks Out Random Chick Without Hesitation [Video]
During a fight between two girls another random chick tries to join the fight and ends up getting knocked out by a dude.
I hope this isn't a growing trend. I guess that bus driver gave every guy permission to start knocking females out. Now I don't condone ever putting your hands on a woman…
53-Year-Old Man Beats 21-Year-Old Kid [Video]
MMA is the world's fastest growing sport and is arguably a young man's sport, but with greats like Randy Couture and old men like this guy in the video kicking ass. I'm not so sure about that statement.
It's not the fact that the guy is 53 years old. It's the fact that he too…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the week: Holy KnockOut [Video]
Some guys break out into a fight in front a church. Is there an written rule somewhere that says you can't fight in or around a church? Or whenever it pops off do you just handle your business?
What happen to the day were  people would hold off to settle an argument until they got off holy ground? I …
B-Ray’s Knockout of the Week: Big Girl Throwdown!
Cat fight's are already brutal but when put a lil more meat on the bone you turn it into a battle of the ages when big girl's fight!
I love big girls you can't go wrong with them. Here's a list why.

They can cook
Their more fun to date
They can whoop ass
They fight better than some gu…
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Big Slap! [Video]
What happens when you play a slapping game with someone who way bigger than you? Knocked out is what! Bringing back my knockouts of the week with this huge slap!
It's been awhile I know but I'm back with full force and this great clip...
B-Ray’s Knockout Of The Week: Drinking and Fighting [Video]
Now it's always fun to see some one get knocked out but it's even funnier when that person is intoxicated and talking trash! Almost every body has been in that situation before. Some random person who you don't know just decides on that one day to pick a fight with you and you alone. Now is this ext…

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