30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop
Memorable fails from Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, Da Brat, Grandmaster Flash, Fabolous, Ice-T, Diddy and Foxy Brown, among others, prove good music isn't enough to steer clear of the fashion police. Check out 30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop.
shocking tweet about her $.01
I would have never thought honesty would come from a rap like it has today.  Rapper Kreayshawn tweeted she only made one cent off her debut album.  Do you remember her performing at the 810 Local Show?
Behind The Scenes Of 2 Chainz + Kreayshawn ‘Murder’ [Video]
The Atlanta MC revealed that he has officially signed with Def Jam, and has been working with his new labelmate Kanye West for the past year.
"We have records together, we have ideas that we're planning on releasing to the world real soon. I'm tryna get my 'N----s in Paris' swag up," 2 Chai…
Kreayshawn Is Complex Cover Girl [Video]
Club 93.7's 810 Local Show star, Kreayshawn has definitely made some waves in her short time on the charts.
We learned first hand that her fans are loyal, and hungry to learn more about her.  Complex took the time to dig into her personal life in the October edition.
Everything from her "V-Nasty …
Kreayshawn Disses Rick Ross In Freestyle [Video]
Kreayshawn who came and rocked the 810 Local Show, is now hot over the internet and blog sites. She recently was on a show and started to freestyle. Well she was doing her thing and then threw a slight jab at Rick Ross.
Kreayshawn’s Performance On The 810 Local Show [Video]
Another 810 Local Show is in the books and if you missed out on the concert on The Rooftop of the Rutherford Parking garage in Flint...we got you! Well a Club 93-7 listener does, xactxposure was the first to post a video from the show of their point of view. Watch Kreayshawn rock the stage and more …
Rhapsody Radar Kreayshawn Interview [Video]
Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada...Kreayshawn will be live in downtown Flint tonight for Club 93-7's 810 Local Show. If you are new to the sounds of Miss Gucci Gucci, check out the interview she did with Rhapsody Radar. Get familiar and we will see you tonight on top of the Rutherfo…
New Music From 810 Local Show Artist Kreayshawn [Audio]
Club 93-7's 810 Local Show is tomorrow on top of the Rutherford Parking garage and Kreyshawn is performing live!! Miss Gucci Gucci is catching a lot of buzz for her latest track and now she has some new ish! Listen below to her newest track called "Rich Whores" featured on Per…

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