2017 Oscar Winners: See the Complete List!
After months of hype and controversy, the big night is finally upon us. The red carpet has been rolled out, the votes have been cast, and host Jimmy Kimmel has rehearsed all his best Matt Damon jokes. At last, the 89th Academy Awards have arrived.
Lion Attacks Trainer At Circus! [Video]
A trainer gets attacked by a lion during a performance at a circus show. How many times does this need to happen before people start to understand that training a large wild cat is not a smart idea.
Lion Wants To Eat That Baby [Video]
Trips to the zoo are always a good time for the whole family.  Kids get to see animals up close that they would normally never be able to.  They also get to see what those animals might want to do to them if there were no barrier.  Watch what happens when this toddler sees a kitty, an…