Man Attacked By Rare Hugging Lions [Video]
This is not something that I would recommend anyone actually try.  This guy works at a Lion park, and has obviously become very close with the rescued Lion cubs that live there.
Beware: "Cutedorableness" waits below.
Little Girl Plays With Lion [Video]
It's all fun and games until those two pieces of glass holding the lion and little girl apart come down.
Keep teasing the lion. Just wait til one gets loose.  Then it won't be so funny. Well, yea it would.
Ohio Man Sets 50 Wild Animals Loose In City And Commits Suicide [Video]
A suicidal man named Terry Thompson in Zanesville Ohio released 50 wild animals yesterday into a neighborhood  including Lions and Bengal tigers, then Commits suicide. Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! I'm sorry I had to say it.
I don't have any remorse for a man that would purposely release Lions and T…
C’Mon Drew…
Former Michigan State Star QB Drew Stanton got the start this past Sunday for the Lions. He actually played very well. Until this..