little girl

Mom Lets Child Pull Teeth Out Her Mouth [Video]
Does anyone remember as a kid, as we were loosing our teeth adults would threaten to tie a string around your tooth, attach the other end to a door knob and slam the door. My sister would do this to me all the time, and she would scare me every time with that.
This Little Girl Can Beat You Up [Video]
This video of what seems to be a 5-year-old girl training and it scares the hell outta of me. Why? Because I know in a few more years, if not now this little girl will have the potential to kill some one with her hands!
Which, is pretty awesome at the same time.
Strongest Little Girl In The World Prank [Video]
A little girls shows off her strength in a prank that had people looking shocked!
The gag was simple. Fill two buckets with real pennies and the other two with a fake top and sprinkle only a handful on top.
This made for some hilarious reactions when the adults trying to help the little girl struggled…
Evil Little Girl [Video]
This little girl shows a small sign that she might grow up to be  the most diabolical person earth. It's in a cute way though!
Now this video is short but its enough for you to yell what truly in this little girls heart, pure cute adorable evil!
If you think this video is messed up then you …
WATCH!Kid Cudi Is My FAVORITE! [Video]
The look of absolute disgust on this little girl's face is priceless!! As soon as the father gets into the car the little girl is upset. Now you would think Dad would say something to her to cheer her up. But this dad knows his daughter! Crank on some Kid Cudi and all is well...
People Scared To Death In Hotel Hallway [Video]
You're not scared of a little girl are you?  How 'bout a little girl dressed in a white dress, with black stringy hair?  Just standing there . . . looking at the ground, with her dangling baby doll . . . looking at the ground . . . waiting, for  . . . something, DON'T L…