LMFAO Split… For Now
There will be no party rocking with LMFAO anytime soon. The uncle-nephew duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu are splitting... for now. They are taking a break from all that party rocking on order to pursue other interests.
Barack Obama Is Sexy, And He Knows It [Video]
You may not agree with some of President Barack Obama's political opinions, but you can't deny that he is a handsome man.
It's no secret that he is a good looking guy, and he's more than open to talk about it.  In fact he even sings about how sexy he is sometimes.
Don't b…
People Of Wal-Mart To LMFAO ‘Sexy And I Know It’ [Video]
One thing you should never want is to end up on People Of Wal-Mart, but it's always fun to laught at the people that are. This video has over 150 reasons on why I order online whenever possible. Someone set LMFAO 'Sexy and I Know it' to pictures from the website.
Check out the final pr…
T.I. Versus LMFAO – Nightclub 937′s 2 At 10 [Poll]
T.I. and Dr. Dre are back in a big way with a win last night on the 2@10. 'Popped Off' came in with the most votes and look for a 2nd straight win tonight.
The crazy duo of LMFAO makes there 1st appearance tonight with 'Sorry For Party Rocking'.
Who will you vote for?  Listen to the tracks and vote f…

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