7 Dates That Will Create Instant Chemistry!
You you have trouble finding a date or just plan suck at figuring out what to do on that first date..I assume some nerds came up with this list on 7 great date ideas. To be totally honest I've never been on one of these seven dates, but you try your luck and let me know!
Zombies Need Love Too [Video/Song]
For some reason, everyone loves a Zombie nowadays.  Maybe its the brain eating, leg dragging, aimless moaning appeal that gets us.  Whatever it is, Valentines day is coming up, and there are plenty of elidgable single zombies out there that would love some love.  Just let Ray William …
Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for Her
When it comes to shopping for a woman on Valentine’s Day, the answer isn’t the usual “chocolate and flowers” route, but rather, something that feels personal and intimate. Here are some suggestions that will make everyone happier in the lon…