Marching Band

10 Year Old Plays Drums On His Washing Machine [Video]
This is probably the most amazing video I have ever seen.
I really hope this child received a drum set this past holiday, because he could literally be a one man band.
Who knows he could even be the next great Hip Hop producer, such as Dre. Dre, Pharrell, Eminem, or Will. I. A. Am.
Ohio State University Marching Band Kills It! [Video]
The Ohio State marching band puts on a video game based march that has the internet buzzing.
Now I'm not too much into bands but this one really impressed me, and to be honest this is the only time I could really even watch a band.
Now I don't have anything against marching bands, I just thi…
Joey Quits His Job With A Marching Band [Video]
When Joey decided to quit his job at the hotel he's worked at for three years, he did it in style.
Let's face it, we have all wanted to tell at least one former employer how much they suck.  The problem is that without being vulgar or breaking the law, that can be hard to do.
Joey enlists the help of …
‘Party Rock Anthem’ Ohio University Marching Band Style [Video
Most any marching band in America will tell you that halftime is showtime.
Even the guy playing the Clarinet because, his mom paid good money for that Clarinet! knows that halftime is his time to shine.
The Ohio University Marching Band is no different.  They make sure that the fans who didn't run to …