Mayor Dayne Walling

Flint Mayoral Debate
Mayor Dayne Walling and Dr. Karen Weaver finally got the chance to debate the issues facing Flint face to face.
Walling Vs Weaver
The primary results are in, and despite some very low voter turnouts, Dayne Walling and Dr. Karen Weaver have emerged as the candidates for Mayor of Flint.
Flint Mayoral Election On
The debate over who will appear on the ballot for the Flint mayoral election is over as Governor Snyder has signed legislation to allow all four candidates to appear
Flint EM Adjusts Salaries for Mayor, City Council
In a letter to Flint City Council, Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose re-established the salaries for the mayor and council members. Ambrose says the move is being made as the mayor and council take on more responsibilities as the city continues on its path toward transitioning back to local control...
flint honors anthony dirrell
The WBC champion Anthony Dirrell receives honors from Mayor Dayne Walling. After winning the championship belt, Dirrell came home and has been properly acknowledge by his hometown until recently.
2014 State Of The City
Mayor Dayne Walling gave a very positive, aggressive outlook for Flint during his 2014 'State of the City'
Who Is Running The City Of Flint?
Not counting promoters and local rappers, there should be only one person running our great city of Flint.
The problem is that in the last month, that person has changed hands numerous times, and it looks like yesterday it changed again.

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