Men In Black 3

‘Men In Black 3′ Trailer Looks Promising [Video]
The third installment of the 'Men In Black' franchise is set to hit theaters this summer, and judging from the trailer, it looks pretty good.
The staples of the movie are back in place as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up to solve another galactic mystery.
Men In Black 3 [Trailer]
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back to deliver the third installment in the Men in Black series  and it's kinda confusing.It sets you up to be confused! Was K dead this whole time, was he a time traveler? Who knows just watch the trailer.
I've been a big fan of the series sin…
Will Smith’s Big Trailer Causes Fuss! [Video]
Will Smith is currently filming for Men In Black 3 in New York. The citizens in the area in which they are filming are not happy for a particular reason. That is Will Smith's 2 story high trailer that is bigger than the Club 93.7 station. He has all types of cool things inside it. They're …