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Meme Watch: Defeated Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas
A Redditor posted a picture to Reddit, claiming that he happened across Mitt Romney pumping his own gas in La Jolla, California. Romney looks quite a bit more disheveled than usual, and people have already started superimposing (curse word-laden) text over the top of it. We predict it won't be long …
Whose Speech Was Better?
Last night was the end of a very long, bitterly fought Presidential election.  In the end President Barack Obama edged out Mitt Romney to serve our country for four more years.  When that became obvious, it was time for both men to address the nation and here's what they had to say.
Results for the 2012 Election
2012 is a big year in terms of politics. There are proposals, questions about tax, local law enforcements, the legalization of Marijuana, local offices, and of course the all important Presidential elections.
Bad Lip Reading – 2012 Debate Highlights [Video]
Check out some of the highlights from the 2012 debates remixed by Bad Lip Reading.
I have to admit, in this form Mitt Romney made some arguable points.  And that he will not have his eggs in the shower next time. This stuff is hilarious!
Mr. Burns Gives His Endorsement to Mitt Romney [Video]
With Election Day coming up tomorrow, there are still some people out there undecided and looking for advice on who they should vote for.  Nothing is more important in making a decision than celebrity endorsement, and finally, we get a view on who Mr. Burns is voting for.
Mitt Romney Supporters in Ohio are a Bit Confused [Video]
Mitt Romney supporters from Ohio are interviewed about why they support Romney and you will not believe what they had to say.
This honestly scares me. I understand not wanting to vote for somebody and having really good reason for not liking the other candidate but this is just insane! The election i…
Voting for Mitt Romney Could Bring the Zombie Apocalypse [Video]
Film maker Joss Whedon sheds some very important information on how voting for presidential candidate Mitt Romney could lead to the zombie apocalypse.
This is very important stuff people! The 1% will no longer be the rich and powerful, but the very fast. Those who can run and fight.
10 Hilariously Menacing Josh Romney Memes
Boy, that was one exciting presidential debate the other night. First there was the "binders full of women" debacle. Then one of Mitt Romney's sons said he wanted to punch the president. And now, somebody noticed the expression on Josh Romney's face during the debate, and this has happened…
Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women Memes
On boy, that was an uncomfortable moment last night when Mitt Romney bragged about having 'binders full of women.' We wonder if he instantly knew, as we did, that was a creepy-sounding thing to say, and soon there would be memes, memes EVERYWHERE!

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