Eminem feat. Rihanna The Monster [Video]
Finally Eminem has released the number 1 song in the country which features Rihanna on the hook.
Eminem he has a deal with ESPN announced that he will release the video just before the Lions vs. Ravens game today/
Lady Gaga Falls Off Piano [Video]
Ra Ra, Fa, Fa, Faaalll" Gaga takes a dive on stage. I'm not going to make too much fun of her because she does sooo many shows that it was bound to happen. In fact it's happen to the best of them. I like that she showed spirit and got back up!
Friday Laugh For You!
I know the week can be stressful sometimes and you need something to loosen you up... I got you! Watch this...
Another Great Reason Not To Hunt
I am not a hunter.  I don't have anything against those that do hunt, its just not the thing for me.  When people ask, "Why don't you hunt?'  I've never had a great reason . . . UNTIL NOW!  Check out what a hunters deer cam took of a picture of in Lou…