Club937 Car & Bike Show [Gallery]
Check out the photo's from Club 937's car and bike show! We had some of the best rides in Flint show up along with Flint's top artist. Ifyou came out there is a good chance you in one of these photos..
100 Motorcycle Crashes In Asia [Video]
In Asia motorcycle crashes accidents happen everyday and someone was awesome enough to put together 100 of them for your enjoyment!
If this video doesn't scare you out buying a scooter then nothing will. Like I think everybody in this video died. (No one died in this video....I think)
Motorcycle Crash Compilation [Video]
The recent news about Michigan's motorcycle helmet law got me thinking. What does a motorcycle accident really look like? You never really grasp the concept until you see it, and trust me, they're brutal!
I couldn't imagine if anyone could have really survived without a helmet.
Michigan Repeals Helmet Law [Video]
Now that you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet, will you? I understand the feeling of wanting to ride wit the wind in your hair, but do you honestly think it's the smartest choice?
Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of motorcycles, and to tell you the truth I probably would ride maybe around the …

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