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The Purge Anarchy Trailer
In 2013 The Purge was released to mix reviews.
Some people loved it, others thought it wasn't creative enough, but as the old saying goes 'numbers do not lie', and the movie ranked in over 89 million dollars.
POLL: Are Movie Previews in Theaters Too Long?
Some say one of the best parts about going to the movie theater is seeing all the previews that screen beforehand, but for many, including the National Association of Theater Owners, this is too much of a drawn-out experience. The organization recently released a list of voluntary demands to movie s…
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [Video]
This newest addition to the franchise pretty much starts where  last one stops.
The genetically enhanced apes are just as intelligent and just as strong as the humans if not stronger and smarter.
5 Awesome Trailers for Awful Horror Films
Sometimes great movies have terrible trailers, and you wind up never seeing a movies that eventually win Oscars, and then you have nothing to talk about at dinner parties for half a year. On the other hand, sometimes terrible movies have GREAT trailers, and when all is said and done you wind up wond…
Charles Lee Ray Is Back In The ‘Curse Of Chucky’ [Video]
The 'Lakeshore Strangler' is back in his 6th installment in his 'Chucky' series.
The original series started in 1988 and has bloomed into one of the all time greatest horror movies.
The original story line was about a maniac killer on the run from the police, and just before dying he transferred his s…

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