Weekend Box Office: 'Jurassic World' Roars into First Place
Everyone knew that Jurassic World was going to open big, but no one saw this coming. The fourth film in the beloved dinosaur-centric franchise had the second biggest domestic opening of all time, the biggest June opening of all time, and, with $511 million worldwide, the biggest international openin…
Jeff’s Top 5 Movies With Rappers [Video NSFW]
There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back in my house eating some good food, usually pizza and watching a good hood movie or a movie that stars a rapper. There are at a lot of movies like these and lets be honest, some are low budget and features a lot of horrible, but there are some that can…
The Rock Is In A New Movie Called ‘San Andreas’ [Video]
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is in another movie and he is quickly becoming one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. In his early days you couldn't have paid me a millionaire dollars to convince that "The Rock" would be one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood.
Seth MacFarlane’s New Movie Looks Hilarious! [Video]
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is coming off the success of his latest movie "Ted" with a new movie called " A Million Ways to Die in The West" and it looks hilarious!
With spin-off series like "The Cleveland Show" and "American Dad" it looks as if the jugg…
The Worst/Funniest Grandpa In The World [Video]
The creators of the movie Jackass at it again with a brand new hilarious comedy called 'Bad Grandpa'.
Johnny Knoxville is dressed like an 86 year old grandfather who takes his 8 year old grandson who is very impressionable on a road trip.
Killing Them Softly [Movie Trailer]
Brad Pitt stars in the upcoming movie 'Killing Them Softly' and it's looking pretty good! Not to mention one of my favorite actors of all-time The Soprano's star James Gandolfini.
This movie revolves Brad Pitt figuring out who orchestrated a heist on a local mob related poker game…
Prometheus [Trailer]
Prometheus is shaping up to be this generations Alien movie. I know that's a pretty bold statement but I have to say this looks pretty good so far.
Plus they've casted the girl from the original Girl with The Dragon Tattoo Noomi Rapace in this movie so it's got a very strong lead.

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