Mr. T Made The Best Snickers Commercials Ever [Video]
Today Mr. T turns 60 years old and instead of passing the hat around to collect money so we can all buy him a gift, I figure we can all watch a gift he gave us.
The Snickers campaign featuring Mr. T didn't last long because most people thought it was crude and a little homophobic, but it was dam…
Mr. T Vs Mr. Rogers – Epic Rap Battles Of History #13 [Video]
Mr. T and Mr. Rogers throw down in the 13th episode of Epic Rap Battles of History! Straight from your neighbor Mr. Roger defends his town against Heavyweight Mr. T!
We all loved Mr.Rogers (R.I.P) and we all knew that secretly Mr.Rogers was a Gangster. I saw him drown a dude in a small puddle once. S…