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Flint's Unique Tunde Olaniran
Flint artist Tunde Olaniran releases 'Brown Boy' and it's the perfect blend of artistic/raw music that will catch you off guard and make you bob your head to the beat.
Their are very few artist in Flint that I can say have that edge in music that will get them noticed. Tunde has it. Fr…
Lupe Fiasco “B*tch Bad” [Video]
Lupe Fiasco drops one of the realest videos of the year in my opinion with "B*tch Bad".
I've been a fan of Lupe for a while. He's not just a rapper, he's a poet. This video touches on the effects of music on our youth and the consequences of exposing them to certain m…
Kid Makes Music Video For His True Love Emily [Video]
True love comes in all forms and this kid wants to show his true love how much he really cares for her.
He goes by doing this by making a music video, a lip synced music video and lets just say the quality isn't there. Emily may not like this video, but the internet loves it...
Beyonce ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ [Video]
Love her or hate her, Beyonce has made her triumphant return. She's got a new video for "Best Thing I've Never Had". It's kind of a Run away Bride style video. I'm actually shocked that Jay let her walk around all naked and Victoria Secret'd up like that.
Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up” New Video
Wiz has definitely made people stand up and take notice over the past year.  From Black and Yellow to his relationship with Amber Rose he can't stay out of the news.  The new track Roll Up is dope and the video was just released, check it out!

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