New Way Teenagers are Getting Drunk [Video]
Apparently there is this new thing that teenage girls (and some boys) are doing and it involves getting drunk. I guess teenagers getting drunk isn't so abnormal, but its the way they get drunk, it involves a tampon and vodka.
Watch The Guy In The Background – News Blooper [Video]
There is nothing better than watching your late local news and seeing a guy fall out of a window in the background. Thankfully this guy caught it and posted it to YouTube, I believe it happened in California.
Some people will do anything to get on the local news and sometimes it turns into a News Blo…
Car Crash Caught On Tape During Live News [Video]
WFLA reporter Adrienne Pedersen saw her live report on gas prices this morning disrupted when two cars crashed within view of the camera, just over her left shoulder.
Anchor Gayle Guyardo quipped that perhaps the drivers "were shocked by the high gas prices." I wonder if maybe th…

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