Ninja Scares People On The Street [Video]
This ninja uses his years of combat training to scare random people on the street, which in my opinion is well worth it.
I'll admit some of this stuff wouldn't fly in most places. I wouldn't advise for any ninja to come to Flint. Ninja's get shot around here...
Real Life Ninja Escapes Death! [Video]
We joke here and there about their existence but to actually see one escape a brutal motorcycle crash unscathed, now that's a rarity.
They could be living around us as normal everyday people. Kinda like the CIA, but with ninja's. Or is the Japanese version of the CIA ninja's. So many c…
Ninja Patrols Small Town Streets [Video]
Ken Andre is a self proclaimed 'Ninja'.  During the day he is your average mild mannered security guard, but at night things change.  Ken changes into 'Shadow' and takes to protecting the streets of his hometown, Yeovil.
While normally I would admit that any story is improved slightly with the additi…
The Coolest Ninja Video You’ll See All Day
Who needs special effects, computers or CGI when you have a really big sheet and a light.  What these guys do with shadows and good timing is the most amazing thing you'll see today.  Check it out!