What Age Do Parents Think Is Acceptable To Join Facebook?
Facebook is more popular than ice cream right now, so it makes sense that every kid in America wants to be on.
So you're basically guaranteed an argument about when your kid is ready to have a Facebook profile, and where better to get parenting advice than from the general public?
Here are the result…
YouTube Comments For ‘Facebook Dad’ Read As Is [Video]
By now you are probably one of the more than 30 million people who have watched the 'Facebook Dad' video on YouTube (if not check it out here).
The video is hilarious, but just like any video on YouTube, the best part are the comments that users leave.
Attention Kids: Your Parents Do Not Know All The Answers
Two-Thirds of parents today admit that they are confused by the questions that their kids ask them.
In fact, there are two specific questions that a majority of parents say scare them.  Yes, scare them!
They are scared because they don't know the answer so they just make on up.
Who Would You Choose To Raise Your Kids?
Most of us don't want any celebrities influencing our kids and that shows in a yahoo poll, but when push comes to shove Will and Jada are tops on the list.  Read who else made the list below.