Dad Does a Crazy Freestyle [Video]
I know most dads can be, and usually are embarrassing, but once every century one dad will define the odds.
This regular dad who calls himself "just a crazy dad" freestyle to this instrumental about how he is a "cool dad".
Twin Babies Dance To Their Dads Guitar [Video]
There are certain moments in parenting that make you forget that you haven't slept in a week, and there is probably puke somewhere on your clothes that you don't know about.
This is one of those moments.
Despite The Costs, Parents Are Happy To Send Their Kids To School
Sending kids to school can be a taxing time, both financially and emotionally, but most parents are looking forward to it.
Researchers found that 74% of parents are desperate to get their kids back to school and by the end of the summer they are running out of money to do things so their kids don&apo…

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