Kai Really Wants This Tree Root [Video]
Kai the dog only wants one thing in life, and thats this tree root. How ever impossible it may seem Kai will try and try again.
I'm still a bit baffled at why this video has close to a million views in only a few days since it was uploaded! I don't get it?
2 Girls and A Moped [Video]
What happens when you mix 2 girls, a Moped and a roundabout? A highly dangerous and fun time at the park! Just remind me to never hang out with these kids. Now it's putting girls on roundabouts and spinning them to death. Next thing you know there gonna want to Skate down a slide.
Fence Jump Fail…[Video]
what happen when you mix boredom with a park fence and a camcorder? A really good video....
This is the most talented fail that I've seen in a while. Talented in the way that he was able to survive this! You know what this reminds me of? When Chris Jericho (WWE) did his signature move "…